A New Flower Garden

A New Flower Garden

My bees don’t have a lot of flowers to work on, so I decided to make them a wildflower garden. I tried planting some wildflower seeds I bought from the hardware store last spring. Nothing came up but weeds. 

Then I learned from a car salesman at work that those seeds are not indigenous to this area. He told me to buy Aromatic Aster, Showy Goldenrod, Purple Beardtongue, and Wild Bergamot seeds from www.mowildflowes.net

My next project was to buy twenty-foot-wide plastic to cover the area to kill all the weeds. I had to secure it with big pins to keep the plastic in place. On one of those hot days a couple of weeks ago I accomplished that task, then ordered the seeds. They came last week.

I got a list of flowers bees like from my bee club newsletter and not one of those purchased seeds is on the list! Guess I’ll have to reorder!

When I’ve purchased the right seeds, I’ll sow them in December when I take the plastic off the 20 X 30 foot plot and scatter the seeds.

Let’s hope that this effort is rewarded with some honey-producing flowers next spring!

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