A Prequel of “The Late Sooner”

A Prequel of “The Late Sooner”

This past week I had the privilege of visiting a book club as Lucy Deering, one of my characters in The Late Sooner. As an author who spends a long stretches of time in solitary, it’s a joy to get to meet readers.

Lucy was my great-grandmother who went into the Oklahoma Territory with her husband, Sanford, in 1889 in the first land run. I spent over a year researching this project online poring over hand-written documents and letters at the Guthrie Historical Society and Museum. I used my great-grandfather’s one-line-a-day diary as the backbone for the story. Handed down family stories helped to put meat on the bones.

For this particular evening I used information from the diary to create a monologue about how she and Sanford met and married that is not covered in the book.

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  1. Sally, this must have been a fun evening for you – and your listeners! I wish I had been there.
    Your friend in Guthrie, Nelda.

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