A Must See Movie

A Must See Movie

This past week I took a morning to go to a movie, which I rarely do. The movie I chose was The Sound of Freedom.

It is described as:

“After rescuing a boy from ruthless child traffickers, a federal agent learns the boy’s sister is still captive and decides to embark on a dangerous mission to save her. With time running out, he quits his job and journeys deep into the Colombian jungle, putting his life on the line to free her from a fate worse than death.”

This is no fictionalized product of a brilliant author. This is a true story. Kansas City sits at the crossroads of major interstate highways I-35 and I-70. Unfortunately, we are one of the hubs for human trafficking. 

This movie is a well-done portrayal of a present-day evil that must be stopped. It puts a face to faceless victims and perpetrators. I invite you to join millions of others who will view this film and then put your prayers to the eradication of this evil.  

4 thoughts on “A Must See Movie

  1. I’ve seen it, too. (It was an experience for me to purchase a ticket from the kiosk and snacks. I seldom go to the movies anymore, so this was a learning experience.)

    I pray people will see this movie because I believe it will affect their hearts. The information given along with the storyline (after the credits, the actor gives facts about the human trafficking going on all over the world, including our country) should tug at all our hearts. We must repent of all things that cause this condition of trafficking, especially trafficking of children as sex slaves. So many people in power are turning a blind eye to what is happening. MSM is ignoring this movie.

    See the movie. That’s the first step. Then unite to help protect children and the vulnerable.

  2. Agree, Sally! Such an important movie. It sickens me that the USA is a top producer/consumer in the child sex trafficking and abuse trade. Praying with you!

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