A Challenge Achieved

A Challenge Achieved

At the beginning of 2023, I challenged myself to read through the Bible ALOUD. I had read it many times through using only my eyes, but this time I wanted my ears to hear it too, so it could sink down deeper into my heart.

Because there was 2,160 pages, I needed to read about six pages a day. I must have read more than that, because this past Friday, November 25, I read the last half of Revelation. I am excited to begin a new reading of a different translation. It’s the New Living Testament Illustrated Study Bible. I don’t know if I can make it through in a year because it’s 2,377 pages without the 200 pages of reference materials in the back. The print is smaller too. I don’t think I’ll attempt to read it aloud. Those begats in certain parts of the Old Testament got pretty hard to pronounce!

To see the post I wrote before attempting the reading this year go to this link:https://sallyjadlow.com/a-biblical-principle/

Have you found a translation that you like best?


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