My Terrible, Awful, Wonderful Day

My Terrible, Awful, Wonderful Day

Ever lock you keys in your car?

Last week when my son, Josh, and I were in Louisburg, KS I managed to do just that. I focused more on finding canning jar lids than keys in hand when I left my truck.

When we came back and discovered what I’d done I looked at Josh and said, “Now what?” I knew the days were past for police getting into cars for people like me.

“Just call the insurance company, Mom. We have roadside assistance.”

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? After a series of “punch 1 if you want to . . . and punch 2 if . . . we connected with a locksmith who promised to be there ASAP. We sat on the curb in the sweltering heat to await our white knight. A couple guys offered to break the window. I declined. A compassionate employee of the store called the local police and then told me a policeman was on the way.

“But I thought they didn’t do that anymore.”

“Well, Ma’am, that’s in the city. This is Louisburg. We do things different here.”

“That’s for sure. Thank you.”

Now I had to call my white knight to cancel him. That guy wasn’t too happy.

When the policeman arrived I had to sign a paper that he wasn’t liable if he damaged my truck. He reassured me, “Haven’t broken anything in 20 years.” At this point I didn’t care. I just wanted to get home.

He pumped a little black pillow into the driver side door to allow a long white wire to snake into the opening. The truck proved to be extremely difficult because the unlock buttons sat far forward near the dashboard. I  I prayed I’d not have to call the locksmith back. After a half hour, the policeman finally was able to maneuver to the proper place. After gratitude exclamations we were finally on our way.

When we got home, Josh went out again. When he came back he handed three red roses to me.

“Oh, Josh! What’s this for?”

“I thought you needed these. You’ve had a hard day.”

I went to bed that night grateful for people who come alongside to help and for such wonderful kids!



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