As I thought about the things I’m grateful for, the usual came to mind–family, friends, home, freedom and faith. Another word keeps coming to mind also. Redeemed. It’s a word often used but perhaps very misunderstood.

In the 60s when you purchased items you received green stamps. When you got a book full, you redeemed them at a redemption center for anything from a coffee pot to cigarettes.

The real meaning of that word is so much greater that a book of green stamps.

Jesus redeemed us. In the original Biblical meaning of that word, a redeemer bought back someone from the slave market with a payment. Jesus is our redeemer. He bought us from the slave market of sin. He paid His life’s blood so that we would no longer be slaves to sin and death. If we put our faith and trust in Jesus, we will live together with Him forever. That’s what it means to be redeemed.

I think the thing I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving is the fact that I have a redeemer who paid the ultimate price for me.


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