Annual Poem a Day Challenge

Annual Poem a Day Challenge

It’s November again. Time to take in earth’s beauty before denuded trees stand stark against winter’s wind.

Where did the year go? Every November I join Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem a Day Challenge.

Robert is the poetry editor for Writer’s Digest. He feeds poets a prompt every day during November and April. The prompt for last Sunday was, “Write an I’m sorry poem.”

These lines popped in my head when I read the prompt. It’s now been over six months since we buried my husband who died six weeks after a lung cancer diagnosis. Our family is feeling our way through our first year without his presence.

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I couldn’t love you enough
to keep you from dying;
sorry that your book of days ran out
before mine.

I’m sorry our life on earth ended
before our fifty-sixth wedding anniversary.
Sorry you didn’t get to stick around to see
our soon-to-come first great-grand child.

I’m sorry for a lot of things,
but not for our lifetime
of joys and sorrows together.


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