Four Generations that Built America

Four Generations that Built America

This picture contains three of the people I’ve written about in my historical fiction books. On the left is Sanford Deering the main character of The Late Sooner who went into the Oklahoma Territory in the first land run in 1889. The lady is Nora, The Late Sooner’s Daughter, who came back to Missouri when she was nine. The child is my father, Henry, of Hard Times in the Heartland who served in WW II. The old gentleman on the right is Henry Greenup Deering, father of Sanford Deering. This picture must have been taken about 1911.

Because my mother was a keeper of stuff, I have a treasure trove of letters, diaries, and pictures to draw from. I guess these novels are nearer fact than fiction. Perhaps there should be a classification of faction for these books.

Recently, my publisher for these books has gone out of business so I am republishing them on my own. They are available in paperback and e-book. at

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