When in High Waves

When in High Waves

Jesus walking on water

Matthew 14:27
But immediately Jesus spoke to them saying, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”

Jesus directed His disciples to row across the Sea of Galilee at sundown while He stayed behind to pray. After they had rowed for many hours in contrary winds they were worn ragged. Between three and six in the morning, they saw something coming toward them and were terrified. They thought it was a ghost. Jesus called to them to take courage; that it was only He and not to be afraid.

Aren’t we the same? When adverse circumstances beat on us like waves against our small boat, do we feel as though God has forgotten us? That we will never make it through to the other side? That we will go down to the depths alone?

Jesus is waiting for us to notice Him there, near us—as close as the whisper of His name. He hasn’t forgotten us. He is only waiting for our desperate cry.

Lord Jesus, Lord of land and sea
and all that is in them,
I call to You, my Lord,
my Savior. Help me!
Deliver me! Save me
lest I sink in these deep waters.

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