Jesus’ Return

Jesus’ Return

Revelation Jesus

Revelation 1:17
And when I saw Him, I fell at His (Jesus) feet as a dead man. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying, “Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last,”

Can you imagine John’s astonishment when he turned to see Jesus whom he had not seen since He disappeared into the clouds many years before (Acts 1:9-11)?

This time, He was in a long white robe, with gold across His chest and around his waist. His hair and head were dazzling white, like looking straight into the sun, only whiter. His eyes looked like a flame of fire. His feet glowed like burnished bronze in a furnace. His voice sounded like a multitude of water. (Ever been to Niagara Falls?) No wonder John fell at His feet as a dead man!

Jesus, the first-born from the dead, preeminent ruler of all the kings of the earth, and the last sacrifice we’ll ever need to pay for our sins, bent down and put His hand on John and told him not to be afraid.

He told John to write what he had seen, the things which are, and the things that shall take place after these things (Revelation 1:19). John obeyed and we have a vivid picture in Revelation what will take place, perhaps in our lifetime.

Lord Jesus, thank You that You do nothing unless you tell us first.*
Open the eyes of our understanding so we may be well-equipped
for the days ahead.

*Amos 3:7

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