Heavy Burdens

Heavy Burdens

Heavy Burden.2

Proverbs 16:3
Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

That word “commit” has an interesting meaning. It means “to roll.” I see us with a heavy load on our backs. Until we pray and commit that burden to the Lord, we struggle under the weight of it. We are not built to carry it.

Then we invite Jesus to enter the situation. He comes alongside us. As we pray, we roll the burden off onto Him. He is equipped to handle the load.

This scripture tells us our plans will be established. That means the thing we try to do on our own and fail, will not fail when we let Him bear it. It will be firm, stable, secure, enduring, fixed, established aright, be settled.

Why do we struggle so hard when He’s always there waiting for us to roll our burden onto Him?

Is there something you need to roll onto Jesus today?

Lord Jesus, forgive us when we carry burdens
too weighty for us.
Teach us to roll our way on You
so we may see the thing established
in Your strength and timing.

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