Rocks or Sand?

Rocks or Sand?

At the end of December a phrase kept coming to mind; “And great was the fall.” I knew this to be scripture so I hunted it down.

It’s found in Matthew 7:21-27. Jesus is talking about a person who builds his house on the sand. This person hears the sayings of Jesus but doesn’t DO what He says. These people will hear Him say, “Depart from me you who practice lawlessness.”

They build their lives and play by their own rules, not God’s. They think they can get away with it–and they do, for a time. But in the final accounting they will hear Him say the quote in the paragraph above.

Please take a little time today to take stock of your life. Have you built your life on the sand or on the Solid Rock of obedience to what God commands?There is no in between. If it’s sand, change now before it’s too late.

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