Pulling Weeds

Pulling Weeds


While I pulled weeds the other day, I thought how this act held a close parallel to sin in our lives. If we allow little sins to remain, they grow bigger and harder to remove, just like weeds.

After about a half hour, my back told me, “I want to quit now. It’s too hot out here to keep this up.”

“But I’m only half finished,” I said. “Keep at it.”

After another half hour, I said, “Lord, do I have to pull all these weeds?”

The thought came back in a flash–No, only pull those you don’t want to reproduce.

With each handful, I kept that thought in mind until I had two huge piles of weeds.weeds.2

When all the weeds were gone, I took my sore muscles inside, sat with a tall glass of cool tea, and went to work on my spiritual garden. Hopefully, I’ll keep a better watch on those weeds.

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