When I drove by a local church recently the words on their message board read, “Put God on Your Calendar.”

For me, that statement went down sideways. It was like saying God was an add-on—something you must remember to do. In my thinking God is so much more than an item on my calendar or a line on a “to do” list.

Since I’m a writer, rewrites are always a part of the process, so my writer brain kicked into high gear. My rewrite might read, “Let God BE Your Calendar.”

I read a devotional recently in New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp. He asks the question, “Do you want the Prozac Jesus, who will make you feel better? He will be only your sovereign Savior King.”

Jesus is so much more than most of us let Him be. Here is a few things Jesus is:

  • Our Righteous Judge
  • The Merciful One
  • The Most High One
  • The Almighty One
  • Our Provider
  • Our Healer
  • The One Who Makes Us Holy
  • The Jealous One
  • Our Shield
  • Our Peace
  • Our Rock
  • The Eternal King
  • Our Deliverer
  • Our Savior
  • Our Shepherd
  • Our Creator
  • Our Redeemer
  • Our Light
  • Our Fortress
  • Our Righteousness
  • The Present One
  • Our Father
  • The First and the Last

Surrender your total life to Jesus. Let God be all to you He came, died, and rose again to be. Only then will He BE your calendar.

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