Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Weekend before last I attended a picnic at church. I wore a black sweater. I didn’t realize it was gone until Tuesday. I hunted the house high and low, to no avail. I even asked my Bible study to pray I’d find it.

In desperation, I went on a mental scavenger hunt. The last time I remembered having it was at the picnic. We’d had high winds from Sunday to Tuesday. I made a special trip to church to search. It wasn’t in the lost and found. 

The receptionist suggested I go buy another one. She didn’t understand. I’d never seen another one like it. This wasn’t just any sweater. This was my only sweater–the one I’d had for years. How could I have forgotten it?

I followed the receptionist’s advice and bought one online. It was terrible. It arrived in a plastic bag in a pile of wrinkles. 

By Thursday, I decided to check another building at church. As I approached the smaller building I spied it inside near the door on a food cart. Praise God! Now it’s back home, hopefully, no more to roam!

Do you have a special item you’d hate to lose?

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