Jesus’ Proposal

Jesus’ Proposal

jesus4[1]A holy hush fell on the residents at the retirement home as I took the tape out of the VCR machine last week. We had just finished a segment of Focus on the Family’s, That the World May Know series.

Ray Vander Laan, the teacher, explained the significance of the cup served at the last supper. He shared that in Bible times when a prospective groom asked his bride to marry him, he offered her a cup of wine. If she accepted his proposal, she took the cup and drank the wine to seal their covenant to be married. Ray made the connection that when we take communion we are in essence saying, “Yes, Jesus. I accept Your proposal of marriage.”

I turned to the residents and said, “Gosh, I wish I had brought communion. This would have been a perfect time to share the Lord’s Supper together.”

One resident spoke up. “Let’s do that next week.”

And so, we shall.

Have you made that commitment to be Jesus’ bride?

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