It’s Spring!

It’s Spring!

Miracle of miracles, my bees made it through the terrible -20 degree temperatures this winter. They are busy gathering pollen and gearing up for warmer weather. Hopefully, this year I’ll be able to harvest some honey.

I think I hear someone saying, “How did they survive such cold?

Bees are so fascinating. When cold winter hits, they gather around their queen in a cluster. The warm bees move to the outer edge and the cold ones move inward. I fed them fondant through the winter.

When fall comes, they kick out all the drones (males) because all the males do is eat, and mate with a virgin queen. Since the queen in the hive has already mated (once in her life) they’ve not needed until the old queen gets too old.

When I checked them the other day they were loaded with pollen on their back legs. Can’t wait to watch them go to work full time soon. To see an earlier report on the bees from last summer go here.

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