I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful kids and grand kids God gave me. When Trey visited the other day I got a call back from a fireplace store I had called earlier. Trey, his son Lou, and I decided to go check out the gas logs there. Before too long, we came home with a set in a box and the guys had a new job–installing it in our fifty-year-old fireplace.

Nothing is ever as easy as it looks. When they got into it, they found a rotted gas line which had to be replaced. They bought a tool at the hardware store and stopped by Trey’s house for a part to complete the task. With careful precision, the logs finally came to life before the evening ended.

While Trey finished up, I went in search for Lou. He was in the basement doing what delights him–putting Vic’s piled high work bench in useable order. I hadn’t seen the top of that six foot bench in at least twenty years.

Meanwhile, I heard from Jennifer. She volunteered to take the truck in for an oil change and a recall–something I dreaded doing.

Josh raked leaves outside on his day off. Sara brought some of her children over the day before to eat some cookies and milk while I hot glued something for one of the kids.

I’m so glad God gave each of us different gifts and talents. He truly has given this family a wonderful combination to bless others.



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