Enticed by the Light

Enticed by the Light

41gQgmBMPCL__SL160_SL90_I recently attended a women’s retreat with my church. Our featured speaker, Sharon Beekmann, a marriage and family therapist, shared her testimony during the three-day conference.

She told us how she became disillusioned with her faith at a young age and began to delve into Ouija boards, new age, and transcendental meditation practices to fill that void. She spent a great deal of time and energy learning to channel spirits in order to help her clients.

After eleven years and a failed marriage, Sharon became so depressed she told the spirits she channeled that she was finished with them. To her horror, the spirits turned on her. Instead of kind, wise guides, she discovered these were demon spirits. They refused to leave and tormented her day and night until they drove her to near-suicide.

At one point, she called Tad, a college friend and asked if she knew anyone who had dealt with demon spirits.

Tad responded, “Yes. I do. I have a friend who has written a book. I’ll send you his autobiography.”

The next week, Sharon received a Bible in the mail from her friend. Tad’s friend was Jesus Christ. This surprised Sharon. She didn’t know Tad was a Christian.

In her book Enticed by the Light Sharon takes us on her step-by-step journey through her deliverance from darkness into the True Light of wholeness in Jesus Christ.

Today, Sharon serves as an Evangelical Presbyterian Pastor in Denver, Colorado.

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  1. Sally,

    I truly wish more people understood about the consequences of “playing with spirits.” It’s great that you’re helping to spread her experience and the message.


    Linda Joyce

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