A Prophetic Dream

A Prophetic Dream

mt-rainier-avalanche_301_160x120At the beginning of this week I had a dream. I don’t usually remember them unless the Lord has a message.

In this particular one, I stood on a narrow road heading up from a low valley. There were people behind me still in that low place. A small avalanche began on the opposite hills. It didn’t look terribly menacing but I began to urge the people walking behind.

“Come up higher! Come higher! Quickly!”

A jogging man turned to look behind him and was soon overcome by the cascading snow. I ran toward the people in Volkswagens driving slowly up the hill.

“Hurry! It’s coming! Don’t hold back! Climb higher!” I turned and saw the valley fill with cascading snow.

So far this week:
The Boston Marathon was bombed,
Oklahoma had a 5.1 earthquake,
parts of Missouri flooded,
poison letters were sent to President Obama, a senator, and a sheriff,
and a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas exploded.

The avalanche has begun. Listen for God’s voice to hear how He will tell you to “Come up higher!” God calls us to repentance. He does not desire we perish. Will you listen and obey? The time of Jesus’ return draws near.

This week my eldest son, Trey, posted a poem he wrote to Facebook. I was struck by the similarity of my dream to his poem, though we had not spoken of this week’s happenings. I can’t recall a poem he has ever written.

I can hear in the distance
ever so faint,
the clicking of hooves
with an increasing gait

I can see with my eyes
ever so unclear,
the move of a violence
as it quickly draws near

I can smell with my nostrils
a redolence so slight,
the scent of a death-knell
whose portent is might

I can feel in the ground
a beat of increasing,
the rhythm of judgment
with a seeming unceasing

Who is this great horseman
drawing near with surprise,
whose fixation is blood
whose eye is demise

His name is Harbinger
and his ax is poised ready,
to bring forth justice
to the future unsteady

When he wields his tool
and his task says ‘done’,
one half will be finished
all hope…will be gone

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  1. I can’t say I “like” this, but feel that same urgency to tell others that this is just the beginning of all that will befall the human race until the Lord comes. Truly, if we don’t take heed, we really do not stand a chance against the powers of satan. God bless you, and God bless us all.

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