Victory Over Sin

Victory Over Sin

victory over sin

Romans 6:14
For sin shall not be master over you, for you are not under law, but under grace.

If we are in Christ, then we are new creatures. We have new gate-keepers. We no longer obey Satan’s demands. We have new life and new abilities.

We have power to resist Satan’s temptations. We have a new Master—Jesus. Our old master, sin, has been rendered a fatal blow.

In order to please God, we need to yield to His grace. If we trust Him to love others through us, He will. It’s there for the asking—and sometimes even when we don’t.

Allow His life to flow through you to others. There is no more powerful love than the love Jesus has for us.

Lord Jesus, pour Your love through me
that it may flow out to others
to draw them to You
that they too
may love You
as I do.

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