God’s Dressing

God’s Dressing

warfare dressing

Psalm 18:32
The God who girds me with strength, and makes my way blameless.

Left to ourselves, we are weak in body and spirit. God knows that so He gave us His Spirit to reside in us.
This scripture tells us God dresses us for success. No, He doesn’t dress us in Dior gowns and Brooks Brothers suits. He dresses us for warfare.

Some people would rather not think about that, but God does. He doesn’t want us to be on the enemy’s latest list of conquests.

When we walk according to the Holy Spirit, God gives us might and ability far beyond our own. He makes our course of life unimpaired, complete and whole—a blameless path. Our walk is in accord with His truth.
After all, we are His ambassadors. We need to reflect His excellence in all our ways so others may observe and desire His way over their own.

Lord Jesus, I pray to be dressed in Your strength.
May walk with integrity, unimpaired, complete.
May my life and living be a credit to Your kingdom;
a mirror of You kindness and care,
all the days of my life, now and forevermore.

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